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Gifts from the giving

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Year round many of us buy gifts. Although money is often a popular choice when we run of ideas or just want to be practical. Whatever option you go for it’s the spirit with which the gift is given that matters. Buying preloved items has been a popular for over a millennium. But it is in more recent times that preloved/vintage shopping has become mainstream and popular with people from very different backgrounds. I love this fact. Whilst shopping online is convenient and products that are hard to source can be searched, don’t underestimate or undervalue physical shops. Support your local vintage shops as well. If we don’t they will disappear.

Many of us are trying to be more environmentally aware, shopping preloved helps fill this need, although yes there is a lot more that we could do. The popularity of preloved gifts has never been higher, when once it may have been a taboo. Those days have gone, thank goodness, or at least they have in the part of the world that I’m from and it’s about time. Shopping preloved offers you the opportunity to buy something with a story, something that may make you feel more individual, something that is rare, something that is a bargain… And that’s great. As long as you feel that you’re getting what you want out of your purchase ’happy daze’.

A seller of vintage items, I have often bought vintage gifts myself and have loved the joy that it’s brought. Preloved earrings are one of the easiest vintage items of jewellery to find as this is what we tend to buy the most. Vintage jewellery as a gift is great as it’s very thoughtful and personal and it is unlikely that anyone else has bought the recipient the same item. Most of us have been there. Valentines is coming up. Jewellery has always been a classic Valentines gift and I’m not sure that this will change anytime soon. If you are surprising someone with vintage jewellery do go for items that fit their personality and style, buy pieces that you know will work with existing jewellery. Shopping together makes buying even easier. Happy Valentines…

Next post, makes/ideas for the Gwen and Bert’s Attic retail shop opening in 2020?

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